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Novalda is a full service coaching and consulting company, providing the resources you need to encourage transformational leadership in yourself and your team. We support leaders and the coaches that work with them to develop the powerful relationships that support meaningful change.

Let’s talk about how Novalda’s leadership development and coach education can change the game for your organization. Imagine the possibilities in a responsive culture capable of challenging the status quo.


Leadership Development

Embark on a journey of discovery, empowerment and growth for yourself and your team.

Leadership & Executive Coaching

We are a full-service resource for leaders and teams ready to take an exceptional approach to transformational change.

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Team Coaching

Novalda’s inclusive approach to organizational development includes coaching and training to help teams strengthen their collaborative skills and change leadership capability.

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Leadership Programs

Explore our variety of leadership development options, from week-long challenges to coaching packages to our signature immersive program which takes you to Spain and your own wild and courageous edges.

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Coach Education

Join in our next journey into excellence in coaching.

Coach Training

Whether you’re beginning your professional coaching journey or are an experienced practitioner, our coach training programs add depth and dimension to your skillset.

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Coach Mentoring

Evolve your coaching competency, continue your ICF credentialing journey, and demystify the art and science of coaching with these Novalda offerings.

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Coaching Supervision

Grow awareness of your own impact in Novalda’s individual and group coaching supervision options for one-on-one, group and team coaches, supported by certified coaching supervisors.

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Connect with others on the journey of discovery, empowerment and growth.

The Conversations

We invite you to join us in these free conversations as we journey together to transform our leadership and coaching, and consider ways to expand our influence on the wider world.

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The Challenges

Welcome to these Reflective Practice Challenges, which create space in your world for a week of guided pauses and virtual gatherings that will nurture your capacity to reflect.

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The Reflectarium

Refresh your spirit and illuminate what is most important as you immerse yourself in a day of reflective practice.

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Meet Novalda’s CEO & Systemic Leadership Coach Kerry Woodcock


A professional coach for two decades, Kerry Woodcock brings years of experience working with clients in systems of every shape and size. She is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)-accredited coach, team coach and supervisor. A highly trained and intuitive leader, Kerry draws on many modalities to create one-of-a-kind experiences for clients. Her trademark is courageously authentic and compassionately wise leadership, delivered with a healthy sense of fun.

Kerry has worked to transform leadership with a diversity of organizations, from small to mid-size and multinational corporations, NGOs, not-for-profits and governmental organizations.

white cascading shapes represent evolution of change leadership
Outline of yin-yang balance circle

Novalda’s influences include:

  • Co-Active Coaching
  • Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC)
  • Leadership Maturity Coaching
  • Systemic Team Coaching
  • Coaching Supervision
  • Polarity Mapping
  • Somatics
  • Inner View
  • Metaphor
  • Energy Medicine

Novalda is trusted by:



Soul Sala Transformational Leadership Development Program & Immersive Retreat

In Soul Sala, we journey to a luxurious immersive venue which will calm your senses, preparing you for the deep work of exploring who you have been, who you are in the moment and who you are becoming as a change leader. Following the immersive, we gather again in virtual follow-up sessions to establish the reflective practice that will sustain and resource you. Our tools include Leadership Mapping and the Leadership Maturity Framework, supported and challenged by Polarity Mapping.

Join the Conversations

Welcome to these complimentary conversations about change leadership, coaching and team coaching.



Challenging those who challenge the status quo

Taking time for reflective practice is an investment in becoming a more effective, ethical and resourceful transformational leader.

Join us for a playful, provocative journey into your own inner landscape.



Insights from a world of change.


The Tension Between Courage and Compassion

The Tension Between Courage and Compassion

As a change leader, I find myself caught up in the swing of the pendulum between the poles of courageous authenticity and compassionate wisdom. Courageous authenticity is a core value for me. However, if I lean too far into it I can lose the linked core value of...

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What Can Group Coaching Supervision Offer Team Coaches?

What Can Group Coaching Supervision Offer Team Coaches?

Coaches often ask about the difference between one-on-one and group coaching supervision. If you haven’t experienced it, this reflective practice for coaches can seem somewhat mysterious. Deciding whether to try it alone or in the company of others can be even more...

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What our clients say


“This team is better, healthier and happier for having worked with you. It shows in the work they do and how they do it.”

President and CEO, National Agricultural Association


“We no longer dance around or ignore issues that in the past we thought might be too hot or contentious. In the coaching sessions, we broke the ice and broached subjects that were perceived to be sensitive in the past. We now know and trust that it’s not a problem for our team to speak up about issues that challenge us.”

IAN SQUIRES, President & CEO, Engineering Company


“We found value in having coaches to guide the conversation, support the ability to speak honestly and open up dialogue with the team, and establish a level playing field for input. Although it was hard to set aside the time, the development was important and advantageous to a healthier team. It built confidence in the overall team, and an awareness of our roles in the bigger picture. It has accelerated the ability to have open conversations and discussions around topics.”

JAMES ROBERTSON, President and CEO, West Campus Development Trust


“Novalda is a one stop shop for coaches and leaders, offering both coaching and leadership development. As a professional coach, I especially appreciate the unique blend of training, mentoring and supervision that is available for coaches and team coaches, all along the journey. I appreciate the wealth of experience and knowledge of the team and their generosity in sharing their wide view of potential coaching paths.”

IMAN N, Coach


“What I appreciate most about working with Novalda and more specifically, Kerry Woodcock, is the depth of experience they bring to every conversation. There is very little of the human condition that they have not seen, worked with, and helped people to find their way through …. Novalda is thoughtful and consistent in how they hold each system with which they work. Every time I work with Novalda, I learn something. “



“My experience with several programs offered by Novalda has been uniformly rich, nuanced, inclusive of diverse individuals and ideas, and above all thought-provoking!”


Let’s Change Climate, Change Mindset, Change Culture!

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