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Let’s talk about how Novalda’s leadership development and coaching education can change the game for your organization. Imagine the possibilities in a responsive culture capable of challenging the status quo.

Meet us at the edge of possibility.

We challenge the status quo of those who challenge the status quo – the pioneers, leapers, innovators and brink leaders. 

Are you ready to examine your own evolving change story?

Novalda is a full service coaching and consulting company, providing the resources you need to encourage transformational leadership in yourself and your team.

It is powerful relationship that creates meaningful change.

Moving beyond limitations and blazing new trails begins with having the courage to see our own impact clearly.

To flourish in a continually evolving world, we must be able to lead through complexity, developing core, collective and change leadership in ourselves, our teams and organizations.

We begin with reflective encounters which encourage playing at the edges and exploring the spaces between.

Leadership Development

Embark on a journey of discovery, empowerment and growth for yourself and your team.

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Leadership Development

Move beyond limiting assumptions and create a change mindset capable of leading powerful transformation. Novalda supports your journey with customized leadership coaching services.

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Team Coaching

Novalda’s thoughtful and inclusive approach to organizational development includes coaching and training to help teams strengthen their collaborative skills, collective leadership and change leadership capability.

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Join the Conversations

Welcome to these free conversations about change leadership, coaching and team coaching.

What’s on the agenda?

Coach Education and Development

Join in our next adventure into excellence in coaching.

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Master the Art of Team Coaching

This popular offering is now an ICF CCE Approved Program! Build confidence, explore strategies for setting up and implementing effective systems coaching processes, and develop coaching capability and capacity in the company of two experienced team coaches.

Blue and green CCE International Coaching Federation Continuing Coach Education mark
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Diploma in Team Coaching Supervision

Develop the capacity to bring SuperVision to coaches in Novalda’s coaching supervision program designed for experienced team coaches.

Novalda holds the Global Supervision Quality Award (ESQA) conferred by EMCC for this diploma program.

EMCC Global Supervision Quality Award ESQA
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Coaching Supervision & Team Coaching Supervision

Grow awareness of your own effectiveness, ethics, standards and wellbeing as a professional coach. Novalda’s one-on-one and group coaching supervision options are supported by certified coaching supervisors.

Mature woman watches couple come to realization ICF coach mentoring

ICF Coach Mentoring

Become even more effective in the coaching work that you love. Connect with mentor coaches in this group program which evolves coaching competency and capacity while supporting your ICF credentialing journey (ACC and PCC).

Delve into complexity.

If you’re ready to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime – a journey of discovery, empowerment and growth – Novalda is here to support you..

Are you a systems thinker?

Lead with Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™)! Novalda is pleased to offer RSI@Work – an in-house organizational version of CRR Global’s Relationship Systems Coaching – to private corporate clients.

Insights from a world of change.

Self Care for Change Leaders

Self Care for Change Leaders

Are you running on empty, well aware that self-care needs to move higher on your list of priorities? Many of us feel we are losing ourselves to work and other commitments, juggling multiple tasks, and barely finding time to catch our breath. In an era where lights are...

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What Can Group Coaching Supervision Offer Team Coaches?

What Can Group Coaching Supervision Offer Team Coaches?

Coaches often ask about the difference between one-on-one and group coaching supervision. If you haven’t experienced it, this reflective practice for coaches can seem somewhat mysterious. Deciding whether to try it alone or in the company of others can be even more...

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Novalda offers core, collective and change leadership coaching and consulting.

What is change leadership?

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