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At Novalda, we lead change for a world of change, through amplifying the power of relationship – for it is powerful relationship that creates meaningful transformation. Whether our programming is for organizations, teams, or leaders, we create reflective developmental spaces for those at the brink of change.

The meaning of Novalda

NOVEL – from the Latin novellus, the Old French novelle and the Latin novella, and meaning fresh, new, original, story; of a kind not seen before

WORLD – from the Old English w(e)orold, which joins wer (man) and ald (age), the Old Frisian warld or wrald, the Old Norse verold, and the Old High German wealt, and meaning the earth as a planet, including humankind


Leading transformation

Novalda’s powerful team of coaches, supervisors, trainers and mentors are at the forefront of innovation, bring years of experience and excellence in human growth and development, and are backed by solid training and credentials. We are proud of our history at the forefront of excellence in leadership and coaching, and are frequently amongst the first to develop and deliver exciting new areas.

    • Our coaching team features highly trained ICF and/or EMCC-accredited coaches, mentors and supervisors, who work within the global code of ethics and maintain the highest standard of excellence by nurturing their own reflective practice.
    • Our senior team members were among the early practitioners of team coaching, having completed our training in the original systems coaching program in 2008.
    • We were invited to consult as subject matter experts on the ICF team coaching competencies and the development of Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC). 
    • As part of the first wave of trained coaching supervisors in North America, Novalda’s colleagues were on the leading edge in advocating reflective practice.
    • We are also one of the first organizations to offer team coaching supervision and team coaching supervision training in North America.
Kerry Woodcock leadership coach

Kerry Woodcock | PhD, PCC, ACTC, CPCC, ORSCC

Director of Novalda - Coach, Team Coach, Mentor, Trainer & Supervisor (she/her)

Kerry leads change for a world of change, both holding and challenging leaders, organizations and social systems to amplify the power of relationship—for it is powerful relationship that creates meaningful change. Weaving together innovations from the world of change leadership, leadership maturity development and relationship systems coaching, she coaches leaders and their teams to develop their core, collective and change leadership capability and capacity. Described as a BrinkLeader, StoryWeaver and LightSprite, she is known as an inspiring trainer, mentor, supervisor and coach of leaders and professional coaches. British-born, Kerry lives between Canada and Spain and is Director of Novalda.

Kerry has been trusted by leaders at organizations including:

Her skillset includes recognized coaching qualifications and credentials.

CRR Global ORSC Trained Badge
CRR Global ORSC Certified Badge
ICF Credential badge Team Coaching Advanced Certification

Meet our team

At Novalda, we are a constellation of people working towards a world of transformation. With our core support team keeping the home fires burning, our co-creators developing transformational programming, and our team of coaches, supervisors, mentors and trainers holding deeply reflective developmental spaces for our clients, we provide pioneering change leadership and coaching services and programs. 

Our Core Support Team


Tegan Collins, communications coordinator for Novalda, laughing

Tegan Collins

Communications Coordinator (they/them)

Tegan Collins rethinks the status quo while embracing self, others and the community where they are. Valuing making a difference systemically, Tegan seeks out ways of being and doing to better suit all stakeholders. A choreographer, entrepreneur, and athlete-at-heart, they value self-care and love. Trained in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), they are passionate about client-facing communications. Tegan is known as caring with an upbeat energy, living in Calgary with their partner and two cats, with adventure and curiosity in mind.  As Communications Coordinator, Tegan manages social media, client engagement, communications and creations.

Tilt & Tweak Creative Strategies

Website, Design and Creative Services

Joni Millar (Tilt) and Jillian Millar Drysdale (Tweak) work hand-in-hand with Novalda to create quality design and content strategies. As a creative team, we believe in happy collaboration and fresh ideas that wink at convention.

Our Program

Team coaches Sherry Matheson and Kerry Woodcock

Co-Creators of Master the Art of Team Coaching

Kerry Woodcock and Sherry Matheson have been collaborating to innovate since 2010, bringing the power of two to the room as co-presenters, co-leads, co-facilitators and co-coaches. Working with leaders, teams, organizations and complex social systems, they create an atmosphere which encourages safety and accountability, allowing diverse perspectives to bubble up and be voiced with courageous vulnerability. These two amplify the power of collaborative relationships, custom-designing and delivering mentoring and leadership programs to elevate the power of diverse leaders, partnerships, groups and teams. After years of having coaches ask to be mentored in team coaching, Sherry and Kerry developed the Master the Art of Team Coaching program in 2018.

Larissa Thurlow, Sherry Matheson and Kerry Woodcock, co-creators of Novalda's Team Coaching Supervision Training program

Co-Creators of Novalda Team Coaching SuperVision Training

Kerry Woodcock, Larissa Thurlow and Sherry Matheson have had the privilege of working and playing together in a range of roles and combinations over many years, as co-coaches, colleagues, co-leads, co-supervisors and friends. In 2021, they leaned into their courage and commitment to form a powerful, pioneering, co-creative trio to develop and co-lead a Team Coaching Supervision Training Program delivered through Novalda. Weaving together lightness and depth, championing and challenge, with a dash of irreverence, they often joke that they are two parts sparkle and one part grass stains – no parts assigned!

Our Coaches, Supervisors, Mentors and Trainers

Sherry Matheson | PCC, ACTC, CPCC, ORSCC

Leadership Coach, Team Coach, Mentor, Supervisor & Trainer (she/her)

Sherry supports leaders and teams through their change initiatives, creating high impact teams as they come together for specific projects, enhancing leadership capacity, increasing personal awareness, and facilitating significant leadership changes. She develops leaders capable of creating organizational cultures that innovate, time and time again. She brings 25 years of experience working with teams in a variety of settings including corporate, legal, engineering, health and wellness.

Roula Eid | PCC, ORSCC

Mentor, Leadership Coach & Team Coach (she/her)

Roula Eid is known for her ability to be fully present and to speak her clients’ language. A continuous learner, Roula creates an opportunity to grow from every challenge. Roula is praised as a highly effective, warm and compassionate coaching mentor, who celebrates the strengths of learners while encouraging them to try new techniques

Larissa Thurlow | PCC, ACTC, ITCA, ESIA

Supervisor, Mentor & Trainer (she/her)

Larissa has extensive training and experience in working with individuals, groups and teams in facilitating their reflective practice, learning, growth and development. Respectful, trusting peer relationships are what Larissa prides herself in creating with her clients. She believes safety, vulnerability and humility are the vital foundation of her Coaching SuperVision practice. Her work provides a safe and open space for self-challenge and experimentation. She has a deep curiousity and respect for other cultures and ways of being that supports and challenges her clients to link intrapersonal, interpersonal and systemic factors.

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