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At Novalda, we believe that one effective leader can create ripples of change, and that the most powerful change occurs when constellations of people work together toward a common purpose.

We amplify relationship through core, collective and change leadership support services, as well as coach mentoring, supervision and training. 

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Novalda is the Canadian partner for CRR Global. As CRR Canada, we train leaders, Agile coaches, human resources professionals, and organizational development consultants in the groundbreaking Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) philosophy, and host Canadian Community of Practice events.

Kerry Woodcock | PhD ORSCC CPCC PCC

Kerry Woodcock | PhD ORSCC CPCC PCC

Novalda Principal, Change Leadership Coach

Kerry leads change for a world of change by supporting and challenging leaders, organizations and social systems to amplify the power of relationship. She has worked in a range of organizational contexts, from non-governmental organizations to corporations and local and national government in a variety of industries such as Forestry, Energy, Engineering, Media, Communications, Finance, Transportation and Education. Her experience extends across cultures, from the UK to Tanzania, Canada and Ethiopia. 

Weaving together innovations from the world of change leadership, neuro-leadership and systemic team coaching, she coaches leaders and their teams to develop collective leadership and change leadership capability. With guidance from Kerry, leaders can develop their own coaching skills and the ability to create a culture that lead change together. Kerry’s extensive training and research in human and social development is combined with over twenty-five years of practical experience in partnering with leaders and their organizations on their growth and development journeys.

Kerry brings a natural lightness and rigour to everything she does, and has been described as a BrinkLeader, StoryWeaver and LightSprite. British-born, she lives in Canada with her adventurous family and the world as her playground.

Senior Leadership Coach & Team Leadership Coach

Kerry is an International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach certified in Co-active Coaching and Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching, as well as a front-of-room Leader with CRR Global. She holds a doctorate in Geography and Environmental Management.


  • ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with ICF Accredited Coach Training 
  • CRR Global Organizational & Relationship Systems Certified Coach (ORSCC)
  • CTI Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

13 Years Coaching Experience at a variety of organizational levels, including Executive, VP, GM, Director, Manager and Emerging Leader Level


Via Telephone since 2005
Via Video Conferencing since 2015

Specializing in:

  • Collective Leadership
  • Change Leadership
  • Relationship Systems Intelligence

In-person coaching locations have included:

  • Canada
  • China
  • Ethiopia
  • Tanzania
  • United States



  • One-to-One Executive and Leadership Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Leadership Co-Labs
  • Personal Leadership 360 and Team Leadership Impact Assessments
  • 6-week Online Brink Change Leadership Course
  • Team Coaching Skills for Leaders


    Kerry has been trusted by leaders at organizations including:

    Novalda Coaching Consulting change leadership


    Of a kind not seen before, fresh, new, original.
    Word origin
    C15: from Latin novellus new, diminutive of novus new
    C15: from Old French novelle, from Latin novella (narrātiō) new (story)


    The earth as a planet especially including humankind.
    Word origin
    Old English w(e)orold, from wer man + ald age, life; related to Old Frisian warld, wrald, Old Norse verold, Old High German wealt (German Welt)

    NOVALDA = Novel Life + New Story + New World

    Novalda’s Collaborators

    Kerry brings together a constellation of collaborative coaches, weaving innovations from the world of change leadership, neuro-leadership and systemic team coaching into our techniques.

    Sherry Matheson | ORSCC CPCC CHWC PCC

    Sherry Matheson | ORSCC CPCC CHWC PCC

    Leadership Coach

    Sherry Matheson develops leaders who create organizational cultures that innovate, time and again. She believes that in a world of continuous disruptions, innovative leadership is a necessity for the future success of organizations to be able to drive new ideas and have creative and impactful collaborations. Sherry works with executives, managers, and entrepreneurs who are ready to create innovative organizations through engaging their teams in collaborative projects and transforming individual effort into a single coherent collective work.  Sherry brings 25 years of experience working with teams in a variety of settings such as corporate, legal, engineering, health & wellness. She is an International Coach Federation accredited coach.

    Lucy Shenouda | ORSCC CPCC PCC

    Lucy Shenouda | ORSCC CPCC PCC

    Leadership Coach

    Lucy Shenouda’s enduring passion is exploring the human condition. She strives to explore the mysteries of the human experience, cultivating best thinking, creativity, and resilience. As a global citizen, Lucy has lived and worked across three continents. Over a 25-year career, she supported Fortune 500 / Global 500 leaders with branding and marketing expertise. As a Professional Coach, Lucy provides leadership coaching, team coaching and meeting facilitation in support of leadership excellence and value-creation.

    Lucy’s lived experience adapting across cultures, diverse environments and challenging circumstances sets the foundation for supporting global clients in reaching their highest potential while navigating their biggest challenges. She strives to foster essential conversations that disrupt workplace complacency, bringing focus and attention to the heart of what really matters for leaders & teams. From a very early age, Lucy has been a writer and artist. She’s a connector and strategist, and mother of two adult boys. Fun Fact: As a teen, Lucy loved collecting perfume bottles and agate stones, found in Canada, the USA and Egypt.

    Larissa Thurlow | MDDE,CEC,PCC

    Larissa Thurlow | MDDE,CEC,PCC

    Coach Supervisor & Coach Mentor

    Larissa Thurlow is a self-declared learning junkie. Her work in large educational and governmental organizations as well as with emerging leaders, entrepreneurs and start-ups has provided an excellent grounding in corporate and organizational systems and the ability to take a systemic lens. Larissa has extensive training and experience in working with individuals, groups and teams and facilitating their reflective practice, learning, growth and development. A warm, compassionate and humorous approach helps her to build trust and rapport deeply and quickly.

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