Brink Change Leadership

Make a conscious choice to develop your leadership capability and capacity in Novalda’s signature six-month group change leadership development program.

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Increase your knowledge and skill of how to lead yourself and others through the process of change with ease, purpose and flow.

Brink is a group coaching program for change leaders who understand that to lead transformational change, they must first transform themselves. Do the deep work of self-development in the company of other change leaders, increasing your awareness and intention around who you are becoming on your own journey.

Increase your awareness and intention around who you are becoming in your own journey as a change leader in our signature change leadership development program, Brink.

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Want to lead the next wave of change with more ease, purpose and flow? Make a conscious choice to develop your change leadership capability through increased knowledge and experience of principles, tools, skills and competencies. Intentionally develop your change leadership capacity through an expanded awareness and intention of what it takes to inspire, influence and emerge collective change climate, mindset and culture. The Brink change leadership development program supports and challenges you to develop both horizontally and vertically as a change leader.

    What’s in the Brink Change Leadership program?


    Change Happens

    The first module explores what effective leadership looks like in today’s complex and rapidly changing world. We’ll set intentions for how to get the best out of the course, examine the distinction between change management and change leadership, and consider the skills and tools needed to lead change effectively.

    MODULE 2

    Your Change Story

    We’ll explore your change story and illuminate your potential as a change leader, get clear on where you’re coming from and where you’re headed, and reflect on how to maximize your strengths and minimize challenges in leading change.

    Module 3

    Change Climate

    In our third module, we’ll examine how your team is working together, how the mood of a group can affect a change initiative and what you can do about it, and review tools that can help you to inspire true urgency and encourage your team to move forward in change.

    Module 4

    Change Mindset

    Learn about the neuroscience of change, and how you can use it to create a change mindset in yourself and those around you. Discover how you can help your team work through hidden emotions and assumptions around change, and strategies to encourage intentional, proactive behaviour in team members.

    MODULE five

    Change Culture

    We’ll look at why leadership is a shared role and how you can encourage collective responsibility in your team. We’ll discuss the value of creative tension, and the process of developing sustainable structures and processes for collaboration.

    MODULE 6


    In our final week, we’ll go over everything that we’ve covered about the process of Brink leadership, discuss questions that you may have about what’s been done to date, and determine your next steps as a change leader.

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    The nitty gritty details


    Join a peer group of adventurers at the brink of change as we explore how to deepen your leadership capability and capacity.

    Six 90-minute Brink Change Leadership Modules – Step by step, we’ll take you through the Brink Change Leadership process for developing change leadership capability and capacity in yourself and your organization.

    Six 60-minute Collaborative Change Dialogues – Integrate what you have learned from modules and application by reflecting on experience, learnings and applications with an experienced change leadership coach and fellow change leaders.

    Three 60-minute 1:1 Leadership Coaching Sessions – This dedicated time with the change leadership coach supports you personally, providing opportunity to reflect on your own journey, challenges and goals.

    Maturity Profile for Leaders (MAP) – As part of the MAP, you’ll receive a 90-minute debrief.

    Change Leadership Playbook – Capture your learnings and reflections on the program content.

    Resource Package – Access these supports to develop change leadership capability in yourself and others.

    Private LinkedIn group – Network with your fellow change leaders and continue the learning through discussion.

    Images | Buster Keaton “One Week”

    Dare to explore the possibilities.

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