Change Leadership 101

Do you lead change and want to inspire others to buy into your vision? Is your change initiative stuck? Are you curious about how to encourage collaboration and innovation?

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Learn about effective change.

In this brief video series, change leadership expert Kerry Woodcock explains the process and shares tips from her signature course, Brink, that can help you to guide others through change. 

Episode 1 | When Change Gets Stalled

Just click the play button to hear Kerry explain the difference between a stuck change initiative and one that flows, what’s changing about change, why both change management and change leadership are needed, and the essential first step in any change process.

Episode 2 | Inspire Your Team

How can you turn argumentative group members into team players? Discover what to listen for and say to inspire your team, and review a valuable tool that can help you transform resistance into collaboration and innovation.

Episode 3 | How Change Works

We explore how the mood of one group member can influence an entire team, and what change leaders can do about it. Learn about the three elements of change, and why revealing invisible forces is an essential part of collaboration.

Episode 4 | Guide to Change

In the final video, Kerry helps you to understand how the Brink course explains the principles of change, along with an overview of what’s needed to create a climate for change, inspire a change mindset in your team, and develop a change culture that encourages collective responsibility.

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