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ICF Team Coaching Competencies Mentoring

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ICF Core Competencies Coach Mentoring

Evolve your coaching competency and your ICF credential (ACC and PCC).

3 Month Group Program

You’ve completed your coaching credentials and established your practice, and want to become even more effective in the coaching work that you love. This program connects you with a Mentor Coach, a necessary step in progressing your ICF credentialing journey, while encouraging you to grow in community with other professional coaches. We focus on further development of the Core Competencies, a necessary part of expanding your skillset and capability as a coach. Enrolling in the ICF Core Competencies Coach Mentoring program is a deep commitment to developing a sense of your impact as a coach, bringing more mastery to your coaching partnerships, and taking a stand for the professionalism of coaching.

Master the Art of Team Coaching

An advanced team coach mentoring program, based on a systems coaching approach, to master the art of team coaching.

3 Month Group Program

Trained team coaches are invited to join Kerry Woodcock and Sherry Matheson, two experienced systems and team coaches with a diverse range of training, background and experience, as they demystify all you need to know about the art of coaching teams and systems. This three-month group mentoring program supports and challenges you within a safe and courageous peer community of coaches, as you develop your confidence to set up and implement effective systems coaching processes.

Coach SuperVision

Take time for reflective practice. Grow your capacity to notice who you are being through the challenges your practice presents you. Increase resourcefulness and resilience, supported by a coach supervisor and community of peers.
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12 Month Group Program

ICF and EMCC consider working with a coach supervisor to be an important part of continuing professional development (CPD). This group Coaching SuperVision program develops your coaching capacity through deep, rich, holistic support. You will be encouraged to reflect on challenging client cases and patterns that have emerged in your coaching, recognizing individual areas for growth. The program helps to refine your thought patterns, assumptions, biases and technique. If you’re a qualified coach ready to examine your work with the support of an experienced coach supervisor and in a peer community, this is the program for you. We create a reflective, safe and confidential space that allows you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses, celebrate your successes, confirm best practices, and build your supervised CCEU hours.

Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC)

Learn how to lead and develop relationship systems through disruption, creating belonging while honouring diverse voices.

Systems Coaching & Leadership Training

Discover why cutting-edge leaders, agile coaches and consultants are adding ORSC training to their skillsets.Develop your coaching skills and competencies as well as your leadership capacity with CRR Canada’s groundbreaking ORSC training course. You’ll learn how to tap into a team’s collective intelligence using a relationship systems approach, while continuing your journey toward ICF accreditation through CRR Canada. ORSC training can change the way you think, amplify the power of relationship, and revolutionize how systems function. The course leads participants through five modules in a progression toward ORSC certification. This relationship systems training program is accredited by both the International Coach Federation (ICF) and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)

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