Coach SuperVision Conversations

Rainbow-spangled vintage glasses represent reflecting on your coaching capacity in Novalda's Coach SuperVision program.

Join in this free series of conversations for coaches.

Join with Kerry Woodcock and Larissa Thurlow in this dialogue touching on topics of interest to coaches looking to deepen their practice. You may be a newly qualified or a seasoned veteran wanting to take a deeper dive into how you show up for and with your clients, while building your capacity, capability and CCE hours. These conversations provide an opportunity to meet your supervisors and get a taste of Novalda’s full Coach SuperVision program.

Be part of the Coach SuperVision Conversations, a free series exploring how supervision supports you in developing your coaching capacity and capability.

As coaches, we often find ourselves working alone. Yet we all encounter similar challenges – such as staying motivated and present in every coaching encounter, building on or sustaining our development and credentialing journey, keeping up with emerging trends and navigating tricky ethical scenarios.

Coaching supervision offers an opportunity to address these challenges, develop your reflective practice, gain insights from experienced coaches and a peer community, while claiming up to 10 hours of CCEs.

In this free series of conversations, Novalda’s Kerry Woodcock and Larissa Thurlow invite you to join them in these discussions about the challenges and joys of coaching. It’s a prelude to the full experience offered in our upcoming Coach SuperVision program.


The Coach Supervision Conversations

March 29, 2021 | Client Connections

Why do we engage strongly with one client, and feel so frustrated by another? ¬†We’ll discuss how processing our reactions to different clients and situations helps us to become more satisfied, productive and effective in our work.

April 9, 2021 | ICF Core and Team Coaching Competencies

The new ICF Team Coaching Competencies recommend ongoing reflective practice as part of embodying a coaching mindset. We’ll talk about how coaching supervision helps to fulfill this competency, while deepening your understanding and practice of coaching.

April 12, 2021 | Navigating Tricky Scenarios

How can we handle the complex situations that arise in our work? Even experienced coaches can be perplexed by tricky coaching scenarios such as a reorganization or multi-stakeholder contracting. As part of demonstrating coaching supervision, we’ll take a look at challenging scenarios and how to navigate them.

April 19, 2021 | Q&A Session

This session is an opportunity to ask all of your questions about how coach supervision supports you in developing your coaching capacity and competency, while continuing your ICF credentialing journey.

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