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Whether you’ve only recently discovered the profession of coaching or are an experienced practitioner feathering out your capability and capacity, coach training adds another dimension to your skillset.

Work confidently as a team coach or coaching supervisor, or add a coaching stance to your leadership.

Diploma in Team Coaching Supervision

Develop the capacity to bring SuperVision to team coaches in this inaugural coaching supervision training program designed for experienced team coaches.
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Become a Team Coaching Supervisor

As a team coaching supervisor, you will pioneer for excellence in coaching, foster collaborative practice, and integrate standards and best practices from around the world. Join us in this developmental program designed to foster a professional team coaching supervisor skillset.

Develop Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™) in Teams

This in-house course can be used as the foundation and first step in CRR Global’s full Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) series.
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RSI@Work In-House Training for Leaders

Change is inevitable, constant, and necessary and the ability to navigate change is the hallmark of organizational health. Relationship Systems Intelligence provides a systemic approach to working with teams which allows all voices to be heard. This in-house training course provides a robust toolkit for leaders to increase the emotional resilience and agility of themselves and their teams in the face of change.

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Dare to explore the possibilities.

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