Core Leadership

Madame Soong Ching Ling 1920 core leadership

IMAGE | Madame Soong Ching Ling • Wikimedia Commons

Novalda supports your journey with customized leadership coaching services to help you move beyond limiting assumptions and create a change mindset capable of leading powerful transformation.

As leadership begins with self, start your journey by looking within.

Mastering Leadership

Master the tension between safety and purpose as a leader and develop a change mindset that creates transformative results.

Three Month Coaching Package

Ready to cross an edge and step into your next level of leadership? Uncover potentially limiting assumptions that can affect your ability to lead change. Discover how to intentionally lean into empowering assumptions that create a change mindset and lead to behaviour that creates powerful outcomes with more purpose, flow and ease.

Program Description
  • 1 x 1 hour virtual Foundation Session to design coaching alliance; reflect on leadership journey and explore vision for self as a leader; brief assessment tool
  • Leadership Circle Profile 360
  • 1 x 1 hour virtual debrief of assessment results
  • 2 x 1 hour virtual coaching sessions
  • Leadership Development Plan
  • Available as required
  • Duration of calls: 1 hour
  • Virtual Platform: Zoom

1:1 Leadership Coaching

Take a step into courageous vulnerability and grow your leadership capacity with one-one-one leadership development.

Six Month Coaching Packages

Ready to upgrade your internal operating system and develop your inner game? If you’re ready to amplify the power of relationship with self, others, and the world, begin this adventure into the inner workings of your mind. Explore who you are at your essence, your impact as a leader, and the emergence of your inner leader. Developing self-leadership will flex your agility and creativity as a leader, and allow you to do more with less.

Program Description
  • This personalized coaching package is customized to your needs and schedule.
  • The process begins with an in-depth consultation, allowing us to uncover desired outcomes.

Soul Sala

This soul-stirring journey invites you to explore your own wild and courageous edges.
Image of woman holding up mirror reflecting a face represents being deeply seen.

Are you ready to look more deeply into your shifting inner self, to see and be seen? Explore your deeper self through conversation, guided exercises, ‘innerviews’ and poetry readings.  In this safe, courageous space, you can lift the mask and let your intuition take the lead to reveal your power on purpose.

IMAGE CREDITS | Amir Geshani • Unsplash
Vintage Clips | All Dolled Up (1921), Cops (1922), The Immigrant (1917)

Throughout the coaching session, [the coaches] helped us uncover a problem that our organization has been facing …. They uncovered this issue in a way that allows the members to bite off and take the onus of it as it is a group collaboration … While it is a simple change, it proved useful for milestones and goal setting at an organizational level.

Jeff Chiew

President, Enactus Mount Royal

Dare to explore the possibilities.

Take the leap! If you are interested in exploring the possibility of working together, give us a shout and we’ll connect with you.

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