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Imagine a system in which leadership belongs to every member of the team. Where all voices and intelligences hold value, change is to be relished rather than avoided, and conflict just means that something is trying to emerge.

In cultivating a web of connection, we go so much further than we can alone.

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If you believe that strong relationship can transform the way that organizations, partnership, teams, pairs and families function, this is the place to explore, stretch and grow a systems coaching and leadership skillset.

At CRR Global Canada, we understand that each system has an intelligence and creativity of its own – and that fostering a relationship systems coaching culture just might take your team further than you’d ever dreamed.

We invite you to step into this new way of thinking about leadership, and are here to support your journey and connect you with a group of peers working with Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™) in a Canadian context.

Discover ORSC.

Change the way you think about systems. Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) was the original relationship systems coaching series accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Revolutionize the way your team functions as you shift your whole take on how systems work. Rather than thinking of a system as a collection of individuals with one designated leader, envision a dynamic, interactive network of connection. Tap into that collective intelligence so that the system itself begins to innovate and adapt – and you get an idea of the power of CRR Global’s Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™) approach.

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Reveal the brilliance of your system.

ORSC Fundamentals | CRR Canada
CRR Canada ORSC Intelligence | Course 2
CRR Canada ORSC Geography | Course 3
Course 4 ORSC Path | CRR Canada
Course 5 ORSC System Integration | CRR Canada
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Concepts in Action

Who are the leaders and coaches using Relationship Systems Intelligence?

Once you embark on this journey, you will always be a part of our larger system. Below you’ll find opportunities to connect with your ORSC peers in our Canadian Community of Practice, assist with a course you’ve already completed, and access insights into the world of change leadership and RSI by having our newsletter delivered right to your inbox. 

Cultivating Community


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