ICF Core Competencies Coach Mentoring

Grow your skills in the company of a mentor coach and peer community.

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Through Coach Mentoring in ICF Core Competencies, you can expand your abilities along with your ICF credential (ACC and PCC). 

Become even more effective in the coaching work that you love. Evolve your coaching practice with clarity and confidence, developing your coaching competency and skills in this one-on-one and group coach mentoring program.

This mentoring team puts you at your ease, as you join with peers to explore the fine points of coaching in an authentic and committed atmosphere.

About the ICF Core Competencies Coach Mentoring Program

The focus is on further developing ICF Core Competencies, a necessary part of expanding your skillset and capability as a coach. By enrolling in the ICF Core Competencies Coach Mentoring program, you make a deep commitment to the profession of coaching.

Expect to become fascinated with your practice and celebrate the learnings.

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[Mentoring] sharpened some of my coaching approach and helped me see blind spots and areas which, left unchecked, could become bad habits!

Rick Paget, RCP

What’s the difference between coach mentoring and supervision?

Our Mentors

Meet the Coach Mentors

This group mentoring program is led by Roula Eid, Kerry Woodcock and Larissa Thurlow, who specialize in working with diverse people around the globe who are passionate about taking a stand and making a difference through the coaching work they love. 

Roula Eid

Roula Eid


Larissa Thurlow

Larissa Thurlow


Kerry Woodcock

Kerry Woodcock


What’s in this program?

Bring more mastery to your coaching practice.
Understand and develop ICF core competencies.
Grow your awareness of your impact as a coach through group and one-on-one mentoring.

ICF allows up to 10 hours of coach mentoring (CCE units) to be submitted toward credentialing or renewal. This program provides 11 hours of coach mentoring.

Take your coaching to the next level in this group mentoring program.

We’d love to welcome you as a member of our next cohort.

The nitty gritty details


Four Month Program

Four two-hour Virtual Group Mentoring sessions – These Zoom meetings take place once per month for four months.

Three 60-minute Virtual Individual Mentoring sessions – You can schedule these sessions as soon as your registration is complete.

Practical feedback on your coaching sessions – Feedback on recordings from coaching sessions will be shared by mentors and reviewed in each session. You also have the option to obtain feedback in live coaching practice with your peers in the sessions.

Private online discussion group – Continue the conversation with your peers outside of group sessions. 

Coach mentoring progresses your ICF credentialing journey, modelling technique and providing support by helping you to understand, identify and develop coaching skills and ICF core competencies.

This experience will develop you both personally and professionally.


.Investment | $1800 CAD


This program runs regularly! If you’d like to be in our next cohort, please use the form below to reach out to us.

ICF Core Competency Mentoring Program

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Dare to explore the possibilities.

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