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Looking for a leadership coach to resource both you and your organization? Novalda works with professionals on the leading edge of change – the innovators and pioneers who are at their best when crossing the border to a new frontier. Our leadership coaching services support leaders in every setting, from entrepreneurs to leaders of multi-national organizations.

Novalda is a full-service resource for leaders, teams and organizations ready to take an exceptional approach to transformational change.

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Why Leadership Coaching Matters

A leadership coach is a highly trained professional who partners with you on your developmental journey. You may be looking for a guide who can open up new perspectives, supporting you in new ways of doing and being as a leader. Perhaps you want a fellow explorer who will support and challenge you to uncover assumptions and limiting beliefs that influence work with diverse stakeholders. You might need a reflective space to purposefully tune into what’s most important for you and the systems in which you work. Whatever you are seeking in coaching, your coach will design with you how best to work together to support your development.

.Our developmental coaching supports and challenges you toward transformational leadership, and encourages:

Self Awareness

See where you and the systems that you lead are in terms of their developmental journey – where there are strengths, challenges and opportunities to grow.

Systemic Awareness

Grow your capacity to nurture the powerful relationships that are at the heart of any meaningful change – including the relationship you have with yourself.


Gain insight into how you uniquely re-source yourself through reflection, sensory awareness and other techniques.



What will leadership coaching do for you?

  • Reconnect to the purpose, principles and practices which influence you and those you lead
  • Improve the effectiveness of your team to collaborate to innovate
  • Intentionally work with the process of change across diverse stakeholder groups
  • Consider, adjust and challenge the status quo
  • Deepen your capacity to influence systemic transformation
  • Re-source yourself and your organization to be transforming


Meet Novalda’s CEO, Certified Leadership Coach Kerry Woodcock


A professional coach for two decades, Kerry Woodcock brings years of experience working with clients in systems of every size. She is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) accredited coach, team coach and supervisor. A highly trained and intuitive leader, Kerry draws on many modalities to create one-of-a-kind experiences for participants. Her trademark is courageous authentic and compassionately wise leadership, delivered with a healthy sense of fun.

Kerry has worked with countless corporations, NGOs, and organizations to help support their leadership projects.

white cascading shapes represent evolution of change leadership
Outline of yin-yang balance circle

Kerry’s experiences have included:

  • Organizational Development Coach and Consultant – Change Leadership Coach at The City of Calgary
  • Former partner for CRR Global, a global coach training company
  • Front of the Room Leader and Certification Faculty member for CRR Global
  • Coaching Program Lead, leading training, mentoring and supervision of coaches to support Ethiopian NGOs for Ethical Coach
  • Co-Lead of the Leadership Coaching Program & Lead Team Coach for the Justice Innovation Lab (JIL)
  • Coaching Impact Evaluation Team Lead for Ethical Coach 
  • Subject Matter Expert on Team Coaching for the development of the ICF Team Coaching Competencies and the Advanced Certificate in Team Coaching


A collaborative team of coaches

Coaching is a very personal experience and client purposes vary. Novalda provides a range of leadership coaching services, including one-on-one, team and systems coaching. Whether programming for organizations, teams, or leaders, we create reflective developmental spaces for those at the brink of change.


  • Our coaching team features highly trained ICF and/or EMCC-accredited coaches, mentors and supervisors, who work within the Global Code of Ethics and maintain the highest standard of excellence by nurturing their own reflective practice.
  • Our senior team members were among the early practitioners of team coaching, having trained and practiced since 2008.
  • We were invited to consult as subject matter experts on the development of ICF team coaching competencies and the Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC).
  • As part of the first wave of trained coaching supervisors in North America, Novalda’s team has been on the leading edge in advocating reflective practice.
  • Novalda’s team is proud to have co-created coach training and team coaching supervision training programs that are officially recognized by the EMCC and ICF. 

Benefits of Leadership Coaching with Novalda

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Evolving Leadership

Effective leadership begins with reflecting on who you are now as a leader, as well as considering what you are becoming. Our detailed leadership coaching programs and services empower you to unlock your full potential, improve your performance, and lead with confidence.



Interlocking swirls of light ICF core competencies Coach mentoring

Developmental coaching approach

Your coaching experience will be tailored to your specific needs, goals, and developmental challenges. We work collaboratively with you to customize a plan to develop your leadership impact. You are the key player in setting the agenda and leading your own transformation. Expect to be surprised by what you discover about yourself and your leadership style along the way.

innovative leadership coaching spiral of white light extends out

Adaptive, innovative coaching

Novalda’s coaching sessions are experiential, working on both the conscious and unconscious levels. We often lean into movement, metaphor and play in order to facilitate exploration. By observing what is actually happening and what is emerging with the leader or team, the coaching can respond to what is needed in the moment. Our coaching techniques adapt to suit a range of learning styles and developmental stages. Depending on whether we are coaching an individual or team, we leave room for a combination of introspection, paired work, small group and large group work.


Sustainable impact

At Novalda, we’re committed to delivering tangible results and measurable outcomes. Our coaching clients are already equipped with strong leadership skills. They are finding that complexity demands a different style of leadership. Working with our coaches nurtures deep, systemic and sustainable practices, expands ethical maturity and resources both you and your team. Assessing the impact of the coaching is a continuous process. Every engagement concludes with a celebration of what has been accomplished, an exploration of how to sustain development, and curiosity of what might emerge next in terms of leadership development.

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Experienced, accredited coaches

Novalda’s leadership coaching team provides a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and real-world experience to enrich your leadership development journey. Our team is equipped with diverse backgrounds in coaching methodologies and executive leadership. Novalda’s full complement of leadership development coaches have served clients in entrepreneurial, corporation, government and NGO settings.

leader influencing energy

Developmental coaching approach

Your coaching experience will be tailored to your specific needs, goals, and developmental challenges. We work collaboratively with you to customize a plan to develop your leadership impact. You are the key player in setting the agenda and leading your own transformation. Expect to be surprised by what you discover about yourself and your leadership style along the way.

Leadership coaching connects you to a peer community

Continuous support and peer community

Our commitment to your personal and leadership development doesn’t end once the coaching partnership concludes. We ensure your success by offering ongoing support, guidance, and accountability through our community. We provide opportunities to connect with peers in reflective practice challenges and our change leader conversation series. At Novalda, we are here to support you with every step of your leadership journey.

Our Professional Coaching Standards

Excellence in Professional and Ethical Practice

Professional coaching is a highly regulated industry. Our coaches are accredited by a number of credentialing bodies, including the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

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All our coaches adhere to the Global Code of Ethics, along with those of their credentialing bodies. The recognized training programs our coaches have completed are grounded in evidence-based methodologies and best practices. Novalda’s coaches incorporate cutting-edge assessment tools, proven coaching techniques, and adult development principles to facilitate growth and transformation.

Confidentiality and Trust

We pride ourselves on establishing the courageously vulnerable environment that is so key to leadership development coaching. That is why Novalda adheres to professional coaching standards, and maintains strict confidentiality protocols to ensure a trustworthy and supportive environment. You can relax into a relationship that treats your confidences and discoveries with the utmost discretion. 



Let’s Get Started

Where is your focus? Being more strategic? Creating engagement amongst diverse stakeholders? Holding space to evolve new ways of working and being? Wherever you are on your leadership journey, Novalda will support and challenge you to develop your leadership to meet the complexity of your context and our time. Investing in leadership coaching is a step towards achieving your full potential.


Ready to evolve your leadership? Follow these simple steps.

  1.  Schedule a consultation: Set up a complimentary consultation with Kerry via her calendar, so you can share your objectives and challenges. Let’s talk about how to tailor the coaching to your needs.
  2. Decide on a coaching package: We’ll work with you to schedule your sessions or design an engagement.
  3. Start your coaching journey: Begin your sessions by clarifying where you are and who you are becoming in order to create an effective coaching plan.

Success Story

“This team is better, healthier and happier for having worked with you. It shows in the work they do and how they do it.”

President and CEO

National Agricultural Association

Novalda’s Leadership Programs and Services

Six and Twelve Month Coaching Packages

Ready to cross an edge and step into your next level of leadership?

Uncover assumptions that might be limiting your ability to lead change. Our coaching packages are a journey into the inner workings of your mind, as you explore who you are at your essence and examine your own impact as a leader. These ventures into leadership development are tailored to your personal needs and goals, and will allow you to see yourself as you really are and encourage the self-reflection that will move you forward..

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Reflective Practice Challenges

Set aside time and space to dip into guided reflective practice.

Join Kerry in these playful experiment that will nurture your capacity to reflect. We invite you to explore leadership development through the reflective practice that can support everything else you do. It’s a chance to pause amid the swirl of daily life, notice what’s within, and gain the altitude you need to see yourself clearly.

Brink Change Leadership

Do the deep work of self-development required to lead change.

Increase your knowledge and skill of how to lead yourself and others through the process of change with ease, purpose, and flow. Brink Change Leadership is for change leaders who understand that to lead transformational change, they must first transform themselves. In this program, you’ll create awareness and intention around who you are becoming on your own journey.

Transformational Leadership Development Program & Immersive Retreat

Travel. to Spain and to your own wild and courageous edges in Novalda’s signature program.

The Soul Sala program begins with a Leadership Maturity session and one-on-one coaching. We journey to a luxurious immersive venue which will calm your senses, preparing you for the deep work of exploring who you have been, who you are in the moment and who you are becoming as a change leader. Learning is tailored to the needs and goals of participants. The program delves into your evolutionary journey as a leader through the Leadership Maturity Framework, supported and challenged by Polarity Mapping. Following the Immersive, we gather as a group in virtual follow-up sessions to establish the reflective practice that will cement your learning.

Curious about developing leadership in your team?

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Novalda’s Influences


Leadership Maturity Coaching


Systemic Team Coaching


Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC)


Co-Active Coaching


Coaching Supervision


Polarity Mapping


InnerView Witnessing


Energy Medicine


Working with metaphor & the senses

Novalda’s programs and professionally accredited and experienced team of coaches, mentors, trainers and supervisors are at the forefront of developmental systemic leadership.



We’re here to support transformational leadership.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is leadership coaching and how can it benefit me?

With a leadership coach, you will go through a personalized process, aimed at developing your leadership to meet the needs of your context. A coach will support and challenge leaders to identify what needs to be strengthened, what might be limiting, and what’s next for their development..

Can you guarantee results from coaching?

While we work with you to ensure you see results, it’s important to note that your commitment, readiness to change, and engagement in the process are integral to your success. Coaching is a collaborative partnership focused on facilitating growth and development and you get out of it what you put in. 

Are leadership coaches worth it?

Leadership coaching has a positive effect on both leaders and organizations. These effects and benefits can range from becoming more confident in the leadership role to more effectively contributing toward employee empowerment and retention. According to the International Coaching Federation, the top five most common benefits of business coaching are increased self-confidence (80%), improved relationships (73%), communication skills (72%), interpersonal skills (71%), and work performance (70%). These statistics give a hint as to how effective coaching can be in developing you as a leader.

How long does a good leadership coaching program last?

Leadership coaching frequently begins with a six or twelve-month engagement, and can extend as required. The time needed depends more on the needs of the client. Shorter engagements are often about addressing a specific challenge or goal, while longer engagements can result in significant personal and professional growth, sustained impact and deep transformation. Leadership can also be developed throughout an organization through team coaching engagements.

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