Customized Coaching for Organizations

To flourish in an endlessly shifting, complex business environment, you must make the most of every resource within your organization. Developing the core, collective and change leadership capacity of your organization and building a collaborative coaching culture helps to release the talent and collective wisdom of your most precious asset – people.

Support the collaborative and inclusive relationships which make organizations thrive with coaching packages which can be tailored to your schedule and budget.

Customized Team Coaching

Systems coaching with Novalda is for teams which are ready to have real conversations focused on what is trying to happen rather than who is doing what to whom.
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Group Program

Amplify the power of relationship internally as a team and externally with a range of stakeholders. Revealing the system to itself through making the invisible visible is most definitely uncomfortable. This is an option for organizations which believe that powerful relationship is the key to meaningful change. 

Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™)

Experience an in-house version of CRR Global’s foundational relationship systems coaching course.
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In-House Training for Leaders

Change is inevitable, constant, and necessary and the ability to navigate change is the hallmark of organizational health. Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™) provides a systemic approach to working with teams which allows all voices to be heard. This in-house training course provides a robust toolkit for leaders to increase the emotional resilience and agility of themselves and their teams in the face of change.

This training can be used as the foundation and first step in CRR Global’s full Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) series.

Invest in the capacity of your team members.

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1:1 Leadership Coaching

Personalized leadership coaching supports leaders in upgrading their internal operating systems and developing their inner game. This is an encouraging yet challenging adventure into the workings of the mind. Coaching helps explore purpose, emerges the inner leader and assesses the impact of what that leader brings to the organization.

We offer three and six-month leadership coaching packages, or can custom-design a program to suit your needs.

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Coach Mentoring & Supervision

Add to the effectiveness of your internal coaches and human resources consultants, while supporting their accreditation journey. Our coach mentoring and supervision services develop the Core Competencies, a necessary part of expanding the skillset and capability of the professional coach. Participants consider their thought patterns, assumptions, biases and technique as part of deeply exploring their coaching process.

Both coach mentoring and coach supervision can help progress the ACC and PCC accreditation journey.

We can support your human resources and coaching staff through one of our existing programs or in a custom-tailored version.

Inspire, align and empower your team.

If you’re intrigued and ready to learn more about how Novalda supports the development of a coaching culture, reach out to our director Kerry Woodcock for more details about a custom coaching package designed with your organization in mind. 

Change leadership expert coach Kerry Woodcock is principal of Novalda Coaching

Dare to explore the possibilities.

Take the leap! If you are interested in exploring the possibility of working together, give us a shout and we’ll connect with you.

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