These meetings invite you to explore, refine and lean into Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™) skills as a member of our community of Canadian practitioners.

Join us to collaborate on how we as systemic leaders might collectively amplify Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™) to create meaningful change in the world.

ORSCers, this is our shared space. Our Community of Practice springs from a focus on amplifying relationship, while leaning into the five principles of Relationship Systems Intelligence. We connect as practitioners, playing with and innovating from this skillset. Here, we share ideas, network, and grow the practice of Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching.

These regularly scheduled Zoom meetings are open to anyone with ORSC training, including coaches, HR professionals, Agile consultants, academics and change leaders. There is no charge to attend. To save you time, signing up for one meeting will register you for the series.

October Focus | Addressing Conflict
Tuesday October 4, 2022

In our October meeting, we tackle a juicy topic – conflict. We all know that it’s not a matter of if, but when conflict will show up. Whether it’s internal conflict that might arise as we wrestle with who and how we want to be in our coaching practice, interpersonal conflict-with our co-coach, our clients, sponsors or systems, or even bigger conflicts in the systems of the larger world.

In our next meeting, we begin to unfold this topic and discuss various tools in the ORSC toolkit which can help us to engage with more intention and skill. Come prepared to practice and tap into the community as we consider tips, techniques, and different creative iterations for using ORSC and RSI to navigate conflict.

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We meet at 11:00 am MT on the first Tuesday of every month.

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Welcome to our Canadian community. 

A message from your co-hosts

Let’s grow this community together! Although we welcome a global audience, these meetings will have a distinctly Canadian feel. Every region in Canada has its own flavour and a multicultural Third Entity.

Our focus in 2022/23 is on a practice-based community relying on deep democracy to hear what is most wanted and needed. If you have ideas about what you’d like to experience this season, please get in touch.

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About the Community of Practice Co-Holders


Roula Eid is an Executive & Team coach and a Front Of Room Leader at CRR Global. She is an effective, fully present listener who speaks her client’s language – partnering with her clients to understand their needs, unlock their potential and move toward achieving their mission. Through her company Team in Motion, Roula works with international companies in Canada and the MENA region to make diversity a reality, not just a motto.  


Larissa Thurlow is a global citizen who is passionate about identifying, aligning and amplifying the collective wisdom and potential in systems.  She is a trained and accredited executive coach, team coach, coach mentor and coaching supervisor who has been working in adult learning and development for 25+ years.  Larissa is honoured and excited to co-lead the Community of Practice, giving back to the ORSC community through this role as well as being a Front of the Room Leader and part of the Systemic Group Supervision development team. 

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