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ORSC Canada Community of Practice

Join us to collaborate on how we as systemic leaders might collectively amplify Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™) to create meaningful change in the world.

Join our virtual community! In this shared space, we encourage you to explore, refine and lean into RSI skills alongside your Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) peers. These free, regularly scheduled online events are hosted by CRR Canada and open to anyone with ORSC training, including coaches, HR professionals, Agile consultants, academics and change leaders. 

June Focus

Frank Uit de Weerd and Marita Fridjhon against a blue/green gradient background CRR Global Canada Systems Inspired Leadership

Systems Inspired Leadership | June 7, 2022 • 75 minutes
with co-authors Marita Fridjhon and Frank Uit de Weerd
10 am Pacific | 11 am Mountain | 1 pm Eastern | 17:00 UTC

This is it – your opportunity to learn about the latest evolution of Relationship Systems Intelligence! In their new book Systems Inspired Leadership, Frank Uit de Weerd and Marita Fridjhon expand the thinking behind Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching to the context of leadership and organizational development.

In this call, they outline how leading from the system taps collective wisdom to navigate change, enhances agility, and fosters collaboration. We invite you to take part – and bring your questions.

Save the Date

Upcoming Canadian ORSC Community of Practice Call

July 5, 2022
10 am Pacific | 11 am Mountain | 1 pm Eastern | 17:00 UTC

Do you feel called to step into a leadership role in this community? We are in search of co-hosts for our 2023/24 session. If this idea appeals, please get in touch.

Welcome to our ORSC Community of Practice.

The practice of ORSC and RSI is all about amplifying relationship. Our ORSC Community of Practice springboards from that focus and leans into the five RSI principles. We connect practitioners in playing with and innovating from the ORSC skillset.

If you’ve completed one or more ORSC modules and want to join in our virtual network of practitioners, you are welcome here. This is our space to share ideas, network, and grow our practice of Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching.

Birds on a wire represent virtual meeting for ORSC Community of Practice


About the CRR Canada Community

CRR Canada hosts free, regularly scheduled virtual meetings allowing ORSCers to come together in community and dialogue. Members of our community lead each meeting, exploring a theme of interest and considering how RSI tools can enhance the conversation. Our network of practitioners get to know each other better while deepening their knowledge of the ORSC skillsets.

Meet us on the first Tuesday of the month (except January and August) for one hour of community and conversation as we explore all things ORSC.

Beginning in October, all meetings will include a demo of a chosen ORSC tool by a CRR Faculty Member, followed by a community discussion on how we can integrate and use the tool in our own coaching practices. Community members are encouraged to stay on Zoom for 30 minutes after the conclusion of the meeting to practice that month’s tool.

All members of our community are invited to attend as well as to co-lead sessions. If you have a concept you’d like to explore within this Community of Practice, please get in touch.

To save you time, signing up for one meeting will register you for the series. You’ll receive a reminder in advance of each meeting.


About the ORSC Community of Practice Co-Holders


Dr. Cynthia Chan became a coach in 2018 and recently completed Systems Intelligence in June 2021. In addition to her coaching business, she has been a practicing chiropractor for over 20 years and co-owns a multi-disciplinary clinic in downtown Toronto. Cynthia is excited about CRR Canada’s new Demo-Based Community Practice and is looking forward to hosting the fall sessions.



Jela Begonja Kovacevic has a passion for developing people, transforming relationships and helping people uncover their purpose so they can live their best lives. In addition to her ORSC training, Jela is certified in CoActive Coaching and Positive Intelligence and is completing CRR Global’s ORSC certification program. Jela is looking forward to co-leading the fall sessions for CRR Canada’s newly created Demo-Based Community Practice and co-creating with other ORSC practitioners.


Circle of people on a beach represents connecting with CRR Canada community members.

Previous ORSC Community of Practice Meetings

April 5, 2022 | Focus on Secret Positive Aspects

Lead | Floyd Carlson, ORSCC

CRR Global Faculty member Floyd Carlson demonstrated the Unfolding Positive Secret Aspects tool, which helps individuals bring a part of themselves more into relationship with others.

March 1, 2022 | Focus on Designing the Client Relationship

Lead | Faith Fuller, CRR Global Co-Founder

Faith Fuller provided insights on designing the client relationship as she demonstrated tools useful in opening conversations with a new client system. 

February 1, 2022 | Focus on Metaskills

Lead | Judy van Zon, ORSCC

With the guidance of CRR Global’s Director of Certification, two coaching clients walked the Metaskills Wheel as part of establishing priorities in their new business.

November 2, 2021 | Focus on Alignment 

Lead | Floyd Carlson, ORSCC

This call focused on Alignment, a tool introduced in both of the foundational ORSC courses which helps to explore toxins and conflict within a system.

October 5, 2021 | Focus on Deep Democracy

Co-Leads | Kerry Woodcock, ORSCC and Fernando Lopez, ORSCC

This call was about Deep Democracy, a tool introduced in ORSC Intelligence which supports hearing all of the voices, including those which are marginalized or unpopular. Deep Democracy helps us to consider alternate perspectives.

September 7, 2021 | Revisiting the Five Principles of RSI

Lead | Kerry Woodcock, ORSCC
This call was all about the Five Principles of Relationship Systems Intelligence which replaced the original four cornerstones of Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching.

May 19, 2021 |  Nature-Informed Coaching

Lead | Janet Frood, ORSCC
The founder of Horizon Leadership Institute and Faculty Member with CRR Global shares how she is fusing nature connection experiences with leadership and team coaching.

April 14, 2021 | Exploring the ICF Team Coaching Competencies as an ORSC Practitioner

Co-Leads | Sherry Matheson, ORSCC and Kerry Woodcock, ORSCC
We spoke about how the new team coaching competencies align with your work as an ORSC practitioner.

March 10, 2021 |  Bringing RSI Alive in Client-Relevant Language

Lead | Kerry Woodcock
As an ORSC practitioner or RSI worker, how do you speak the language of RSI? What resonates for your clients?

2020 Community of Practice Calls

December 2020

Topic | The Epic Tale of 2020

Co-led by Kerry Woodcock & Saralyn Hodgkin

Discussion | Reflect on the Epic Tale of 2020 and the implications on Relationship Systems Coaching for 2021!

November 2020

Topic | RSI & Culture 3

Co-led by Cynthia Chan & Susan Liu

Discussion | How can your culture better support you when leading with Relationship Systems Intelligence?

October  2020

Topic | RSI & Culture 2

Co-led by Cynthia Chan & Susan Liu

Discussion |We continue the collaborative dialogue around RSI and culture by taking a deeper dive into specific RSI principles and how we respond to them through our own cultural lens.

August 2020

Topic | RSI & Culture 1

Co-led by Cynthia Chan & Kerry Woodcock with Susan Liu 

Discussion | Kerry, community member Cynthia Chan and special guest Susan Liu host a collaborative discussion around Relationship Systems Intelligence and culture.

June 2020

Topic | Inspire & Connect

Co-led by Kerry Woodcock & Saralyn Hodgkin

Discussion| Growing the vision outlined by our ORSC Canada community in our first meeting.

March 2020

Topic | Amplifying Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI)

Co-led by Kerry Woodcock & Saralyn Hodgkin

Discussion| Join ORSC Canada Community of Practice (CoP) Holders Saralyn Hodgkin and Kerry Woodcock in collaborative dialogue to explore the high dream for our community.

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