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The original ICF-accredited Relationship Systems Coaching series

All over the world, participants in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) say that this program has revolutionized the way they think about teams and systems.

Tap into the power of Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™). Reveal the intelligence of the system itself, and unleash the collaborative potential of teams using a relationship systems coaching approach.

For over two decades, coaches and leaders have trusted ORSC to strengthen relationship in teams of every size –  from pairs and partnerships to global organizations.

Introductory Course + Intermediate Series
40+ coaching tools and skills | 84 CCE units

Choose between our two introductory courses, ORS @Work or Fundamentals of ORSC.

Rather than just resolving conflicts between individual team members, we draw on Relationship Systems Intelligence to evolve the entire system as a whole. 

This is more than training.

It’s a groundbreaking philosophy that draws on collective intelligence to align on a common goal.

It’s a toolbox of strategies that adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

ORSC can revolutionize how a system functions. 

ORSC accredited coach training program by CRR Global

Whether you’re a business leader developing a team capable of pivoting quickly, an Agile coach leading clients through discord toward streamlined action, or an HR or OD professional facilitating a systems approach, ORSC can help you work toward effective collaboration. 

Check out our RSI Concepts in Action interviews, which introduce you to the leaders and coaches using ORSC to support transformational change.

Now, the ORSC series is virtually yours.

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What makes Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching so different?

This training incorporates concepts from process work, organization development theory, quantum physics, co-active coaching and alternative dispute resolution to coach from a systems perspective. 

The series begins with one of our introductory public courses – Fundamentals of ORSC™ or ORS @Work. You can also contact us about our internal training program RSI@Work to have this training brought into your organization. 

Introductory Course | 12 CCEs
Intermediate Courses | 18 CCEs per course

On completion of the introductory course and the intermediate series, you can choose to move into mastery and add further CCEs with ORSC Certification.

What's in the ORSC program?

This training offers a toolkit of ideas and strategies that expand on familiar concepts. Many of the powerful strategies in the ORSC toolkit have been trademarked, and are not offered anywhere else.

Participants learn to shift their thinking away from individual agendas and toward empowering the system. They learn how to develop emotional-social and relationship systems intelligence that allows them to work with more purpose, ease and mastery together in:

  • Conflict
  • Change
  • Diversity
  • Innovation.

ORSC tools focus on identifying the needs of the system, rather than individuals. While ORSC training recognizes the personal perspectives of group members, participants learn to think of them as a voice of the system and a signal for change.

Who should take this training?

Professional coaches who want to coach beyond a system of one, business leaders, Agile coaches, human resources and organizational development specialists, consultants, therapists and other experts are adding ORSC  to their skill set. This relationship systems training program is accredited by both the International Coach Federation (ICF) and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

What is a Relationship Systems Coach?

A Relationship Systems Coach or Leader doesn’t correct the system, but instead alerts those within it to what is happening – revealing the system to itself so it can adjust as needed. As members of a system develop skill and heightened awareness, they begin to take responsibility for developing effective strategies to support the relationship system and deliver on mutually identified outcomes.

The ORSC course is accredited by the ICF, and can be used to work toward credentialing including ACC, PCC, or MCC.

Is this training only meant for coaches and consultants?

While ORSC was originally designed for coaches, the philosophy and strategies are useful in any context. Organizations frequently integrate these concepts into an entire system by working with us to design ORS@Work sessions intended for large teams.

How does ORSC training work?
The ORSC training begins with one of two foundational modules.

is designed for experienced personal and business coaches who want to expand their coaching repertoire to include systems work; allied professionals already engaged in working with couples, family systems and partnerships – like mediators and lawyers; and therapists, counsellors and social workers. 

is intended for larger contexts such as experienced coaches wanting to expand their repertoire to team coaching. This includes organizational development, human resources,  change and training professionals, agile coaches, and organizational leaders, CEOs, managers and executives. Once a foundational module has been completed, participants can sign up for subsequent modules one at a time or register for the entire series. Each module builds upon material taught in the previous one, and so they are taken in order. In-house training is also an option. Find a full description on our RSI@Work page.
Does this training qualify for ICF accreditation?

The ORSC training qualifies for ICF CCEs and our certification is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program. If you complete all five courses in the series (Fundamentals of ORSC through Systems Integration), you will earn 84 CCEs and are considered ORSC Trained. In choosing to pursue ORSC Certification, you will earn the ORSCC credential and an additional 96 CCEs.

Please contact us to discuss ORSC training in detail.  We’d love to hear from you.

Want to learn more?

We’re happy to answer your questions! Get in touch via the Contact page, or join an ORSCurious session with CRR Global Canada’s director Kerry Woodcock.

Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI)

RSI, originated by CRR Global, takes the principles of Emotional and Social Intelligence a step further to create the concept of the Third Entity – what Jungian scholars might call collective consciousness, business consultants refer to as corporate culture and therapists consider to be family system dynamics. 

To put it simply, the relationship between two or more individuals – be they partners, family members, colleagues or an entire organization – creates its own collective intelligence. Think of it this way – while John, Paul, George and Ringo were individuals, their Third Entity is the Beatles.

Co-founders and thought leaders Faith Fuller, PhD, ORSCC, CPCC, PCC and Marita Fridjon, MSW, ORSCC, CPCC, PCC brought insights from a combined background in psychology, consultation and coaching, team building, conflict resolution, clinical social work, community development, process work, family systems therapy, and alternative dispute resolution to create this groundbreaking philosophy. 

The concept that began over 20 years ago has grown into a global network of certified practitioners, with partners in countries around the world offering training and ORSC-inspired services.

“ORSC strategies give us a whole new way to foster awareness and connection between people, teams, organizations, communities, and with the world.”

Kerry Woodcock, Director of CRR Global Canada

Begin your ORSC journey now.

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If you work in a small business in Alberta, you can offset the cost of ORSC training through the Canada-Alberta job grant. This support funds two-thirds of the cost of certain training programs which run 21 hours or more.

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Novalda is the Canadian home to CRR Global Canada and ORSC

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