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It is powerful relationship that creates meaningful change. We specialize in working with brink leaders – leapers, bridge-builders and influencers – to develop collective leadership and change leadership capability.


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Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC)

Novalda is CRR Global’s Canadian partner, CRR Canada. 

Across the world, cutting edge leaders are adding CRR Global’s ORSC strategies to their skillsets. Why? ORSC is  a groundbreaking philosophy that draws on collective intelligence to work toward a common goal, as well as a toolbox of effective strategies that can adapt to a rapidly changing environment. ORSC can change the way you think, amplify the power of relationship and revolutionize how systems function.  This course is accredited by both the International Coach Federation (ICF) and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

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Brink Change Leadership

Brink is our signature three-month online change leadership course.

Make a conscious choice to develop your leadership skills and create a collaborative team that thrives on change. The Brink Change Leadership Course guides you through everything you need to know about the process of change, and explains how you can lead with more purpose, flow and ease.

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Novalda is a change leadership coaching and consulting services company.

What is change leadership?

About Our Services

Team or Group Course

Relationship Systems Intelligence

In [email protected]™ In-House Training for Leaders, discover a systemic approach to working with teams which allows all voices to be heard. Change is inevitable, constant, and necessary and the ability to navigate change is the hallmark of organizational health.

[email protected] is an in-house training course that provides a robust toolkit for leaders to increase the emotional resilience and agility of themselves and their teams in the face of change.


Three Month Group Program 

Master the Art of Team Coaching

Trained team coaches are invited to join Kerry Woodcock and Sherry Matheson, two experienced team coaches, to Master the Art of Team Coaching. This three-month group program demystifies the process of coaching teams and systems, and supports you as you grow alongside your own peer network of ORSC/RSI qualified coaches. It’s a practical, step-by-step exploration of how to work with sponsors, the team or system, as well as other coaches and stakeholders.

Creating Community

Image of woman holding up mirror reflecting a face represents being deeply seen.


Are you ready to look more deeply into your shifting inner self, to see and be seen? Join us in an intimate virtual space for conversation and connection. These virtual, regularly scheduled meetings evoke the literary and philosophical salons of old, as we consider fascinations calling to us on an intuitive level and lift the mask to explore the essence of self and connection to others.


ORSC Canada Community

Calling all Canadian ORSC practitioners! In this shared space, you can explore, refine and lean into Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI) skills alongside your ORSC peers. These free, regularly scheduled online events are hosted by CRR Canada and open to anyone with ORSC training, including coaches, HR professionals, agilists, academics and change leaders. Together, we’ll explore how to collectively amplify RSI to create meaningful change in the world.

For Leaders

Novalda helps visionaries and leaders to develop leadership capability through our signature change leadership program, Brink, as well as a foundational program in mastering leadership and one-to-one customized leadership coaching packages.


For Teams

Novalda’s thoughtful and inclusive approach to organizational development includes training and coaching services to help teams develop their collaborative skills, collective leadership and change leadership capability.


For Coaches

Coaches who are ready to refine their techniques and ally with others can take advantage of Novalda’s services, including upgrading coaching skills and ICF credential, along with coach mentoring and mastering the art of team coaching.


Insights from a World of Change

Yearning to Unmask

Yearning to Unmask

 Looking around, it is hard to believe how much has changed since Covid-19 insisted we step apart from one another physically and devise other ways to connect. While literally this has led to masking, metaphorically we are experiencing a collective unmasking. Systemic...

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Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle

In this strange suspended time, we are physically separated from one another yet long for emotional connection. How can we be here and there, different yet the same, distant yet close - both, at the same time? This ambiguity of ‘both - at the same time’ has been a...

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Seeing Beyond the Surface

Seeing Beyond the Surface

The work that I do in fostering effective team relationships revolves around learning to connect on a heartfelt level – a connection that creates the open, mutually respectful relationships required for effective collaboration. In doing so, we peel away surface layers...

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Evolving Team Energy

Evolving Team Energy

Is there someone in your life who commands energy? Who easily lightens or intensifies the atmosphere in a space, in a positive or negative way? Whether these people bring sunshine or brooding storm, there’s no missing the shift that happens when they arrive on the...

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We’re a Collaborative Team of Coaches.

We co-create an atmosphere of courage and commitment, connection and collaboration, and curiosity and creativity from which powerfully responsible and accountable relationships emerge.

Kerry Woodcock

Kerry Woodcock

Principal, Change Leadership Coach


Lucy Shenouda

Lucy Shenouda

Leadership Coach


Sherry Matheson

Sherry Matheson

Leadership Coach


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