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Whether you’re looking for one-on-one coaching, custom-tailored support for your organization, coach mentoring and supervision, team coaching training, or an opportunity to deeply connect, Novalda has a range of programs and services to meet your needs.  

Core, Collective and Change Leadership 

Want to improve your leadership capacity and capability? We’ve got you covered with options that help you to lead change, encourage collaboration and continue on your personal leadership journey.

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Coaching Support 

Take your coaching capacity and capability to the next level with coach supervision and mentorship options.

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CRR Canada’s Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching

Leaders, agile coaches, human resources managers, organizational development specialists, coaches and consultants are tapping into the power of CRR Global’s Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching.

ORSC Fundamentals | CRR Canada
ORS@Work | CRR Canada
2 ORSC Intelligence | CRR Canada
Module 3 ORSC Geography | CRR Canada
4 ORSC Path | CRR Canada
5 ORSC System Integration | CRR Canada

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