Unlocking Potential Through Reflective Practice

Hands hold mirror reflecting trees reflective practice for coaches

Take a deep look at your coaching and leadership.

What’s within? What comes next? Leadership and coaching can be solitary work at times. We may feel like we’re going through the motions in coaching or leadership, caught up in parallel processes arising from the clients we work with or systems we find ourselves in. We all benefit from engaging in spaces and practice that support an opening. Reflective practice can be revelatory, creating awareness and shifts within us as individuals and coaches, ultimately impacting relationship and improving the quality of our coaching and leadership.

Join us in community to consider what’s within, where you are on your coaching journey, and where you want to go next.

What is reflective practice?

It is about deepening your awareness about what’s happening with you, as you work with clients. It can be reflecting on what’s going well, what you want to bring more of or what you avoid. It can be done alone or with trusted colleagues, yet investigating this within the context of community can yield more awareness.

Why reflective practice?

A lot of organizations (including the International Coaching Federation) include reflective practice as a competency or central to professional ethics. Coaches are often trained in skills that support reflective practice in others; yet, may not turn that structure inward, engaging in our own practice. The same is true of leaders as coaches, often sacrificing reflective time for the pressing needs which leaders are presented with. Engaging in reflection allows us to grow our awareness, shift patterns and improve the way we show up.

Who can benefit from reflective practice?

This event is for those who are using a coaching approach, as a…

  • Professional coach
  • Leader
  • Human resource professional
  • Change leader or facilitator
  • or if you’re simply in search of a community in which to reflect.


Nic Etheridge Calder, CPCC, ACC, MA

Nic is enthusiastic about social change and progress, at a time in our world, where we are becoming increasingly conscious to our connections to each other and the planet. Often people search outside of self for solutions when capacity exists within – within self, teams, community and systems. Nic’s approach as a coach is to help invoke organizational and individual wisdom to catalyze new ways forward.

Larissa Thurlow, MDDE, CEC, PCC, Coach Supervisor

Larissa is passionate about leadership, culture and coaching. She is especially passionate about supporting coaches in developing their practice; increasing and deepening their skills and growing their presence. She expanded her coach training expertise as a faculty member at Mount Royal University to become a qualified and accredited coach supervisor. Her calling is to support fellow coaches and leaders-as-coach in the journey toward mastery, building not only their competencies (the doing of coaching/leadership) but also their capacity (the being or how you are showing up and using yourself as instrument) and ability to work from source rather than effort.

Kerry Woodcock, PhD, CPCC, ORSCC, PCC

Kerry leads change for a world of change, by both holding and challenging leaders, organizations and social systems to amplify the power of relationship to create meaningful change. Weaving together innovations from the world of change leadership, relationship systems intelligence and leadership maturity development, she develops change, collective and core leadership capability and capacity. As director of Novalda and CRR Canada, Kerry provides coach training, mentoring and supervision to create coaching cultures where people lead change together.

Join us for this special event!

Unlocking Potential Through Reflective Practice

Virtual Event on June 4, 2021 | Cost $40 CDN
10:30 am – 12:30 pm Pacific | 11:30 am – 1:30 pm Mountain | 1:30 am – 3:30 Eastern | 17:30 am – 19:30 UTC

This event is an opportunity to unpack and reflect on your practice. We support a deepening of practice, as we hold space and community to reflect on our work together. If you’re yearning to dive into reflection and want to do that in the context of supportive community, take these few hours for yourself to explore what is happening within and what comes next.

Dare to explore the possibilities. Take the leap!

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of working together, reach out and we will connect with you.

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