Relationship Systems Intelligence

Through RSI@WORK In-House Training for Leaders, discover a systemic approach to working with teams which allows all voices to be heard.

Change is inevitable, constant, and necessary and the ability to navigate change is the hallmark of organizational health. RSI@Work is an in-house training course that provides a robust toolkit for leaders to increase the emotional resilience and agility of themselves and their teams, in the face of change.

Leaders will learn a skill set that enables them to support their people in dealing with uncertainty in change with dignity and wisdom, moving from Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence to Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™) and leading change together with more ease, speed and impact.

RSI@WORK provides leaders with tools for communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, inspiring and motivating and improving alignment and trust. Leaders learn how to create a culture where the role of ‘leader’ is shared throughout the entire team, department and organization and individual responsibility and collective accountability for leading change is acknowledged.


In this course, participants practice using team coaching tools in highly customized workplace scenarios. Leaders appreciate that these tools can be immediately applied upon return to the everyday work environment.

To understand more about RSI@WORK™ please see RSI@WORK – Transforming Leadership.

Outcome | Leaders who develop change leadership capability


Leaders become more:

  • Knowledgeable of Systems Inspired Change Leadership, a different approach to change
  • Aware of how to leverage Relationship Systems Intelligence through change
  • Intentional in navigating change
  • Skilled in using tools to lead change—together


RSI@WORK is led by Novalda’s Kerry Woodcock, an experienced coach practitioner certified in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching with a license to provide RSI@WORK training. Assistant coaches will be trained or certified in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching.


The two-day course includes:

  • One virtual 90-minute cohort orientation conversation, exploring current strengths and challenges in leading change and setting learning intentions for the course. This usually takes place about three weeks ahead of the training.

  • Two in-person or virtual 90-minute cohort follow up sessions to support the application of learning in the workplace. The first session takes place a month after the two-day training, and the second session a month after that. 


  • Participants are expected to complete pre and post-work, as well as provide evaluations at the end of the two days and follow-up sessions.
  • Leaders are expected to communicate with their teams about the training.
  • Training will be cancelled if the minimum requirement of 10 participants is not met.
  • While catering is not included, clients may choose to include it.
  • Maximum 24 participants per cohort. Participants will be required to register for and attend the full two days.


As this package is custom-tailored according to the needs of the individual client, please contact us directly to discuss the options.


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