Develop Relationship Systems Intelligence In Your Team

Experience an in-house version of CRR Global’s revolutionary relationship systems coaching approach.

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Discover why cutting-edge leaders, Agile coaches, human resources consultants and organizational development specialists are bringing Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™) skillsets into their organizations.

RSI @Work In-House Training introduces CRR Global’s time-tested systems approach to working with teams and organizations.

Change is inevitable, constant, and necessary. Being able to ability to navigate change is a mark of organizational health. RSI@Work provides a robust toolkit for leaders to increase emotional resilience and agility in the face of change.

This is an in-house version of CRR Global’s introduction to Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) skillset. Participants build on the concepts of Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence to develop an awareness of what is needed by and emerging from the system itself.

RSI@Work provides tools for communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, inspiring and encouraging alignment and trust.


In this course, participants practice using team coaching tools in highly customized workplace scenarios. Leaders appreciate that these tools can be immediately applied upon return to the everyday work environment.

To understand more, please see RSI@WORK – Transforming Leadership.

Relationship systems coaching develops an entirely different way of thinking about how organizations function, and uses powerful relationship as the conduit for change.

What’s in this program?

Use a systems-inspired approach to align on mutual goals
Leverage Relationship Systems Intelligence to unlock the potential in your team
Shift the paradigm on the way systems function
Navigate conflict with intention and skill
Gain a set of coaching tools for improved communication and decision-making, conflict resolution, and inspiring trust.
Understand and remedy common toxins which can poison team relationships

Kerry Woodcock, PhD., PCC, ORSCC, explains how  Relationship Systems Intelligence builds on the concepts of Emotional and Social Intelligence. Kerry is an experienced team coaching practitioner licensed to provide RSI@Work training. 

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