Leading with Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™)

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More than 20,000 practitioners around the world now use CRR Global’s groundbreaking principles and tools to strengthen relationship and progress change. In these interviews, coaches and leaders explain how they innovate from the Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™) concepts at the heart of Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™). 

Black and white image of Agile consultant Erkan Kadir describing synchronicities between Agile and ORSC

RSI & Agile Transformation

A Conversation with Erkan Kadir

As a cofounder of the Superheroes Academy, Erkan combines Agile and ORSC training to provide every individual and organization with the opportunity to begin their own journey and write their own origin story.

Chiropractor and ORSC Coach Cynthia Chan of Toronto

Fulfilling Potential

A Conversation with Cynthia Chan

Why compromise on achieving your dreams? As a chiropractor and a business, life and relationship coach, Cynthia Chan merges two distinct skillsets and brings her own guiding principle into reality – a refusal to accept half-fulfilment in life.

Nic Etheridge Calder leader coach regenerative leadership rewilding

Regenerative Leadership and ORSC

A Conversation with Nic Etheridge Calder

The idea of regenerative leadership, which holds that an organization is akin to a living system, is one that fascinates Nic Etheridge Calder. As ORSC emphasizes the evolution and inherent intelligence of systems, it’s little wonder that these tools and skills also hold an appeal for Nic.

Explore Transformation

A Conversation with Kathryn Bean

Kathryn Bean discusses how concepts from the Fundamentals of ORSC course support personal and professional transformation, from the individual to the systems level.

A Surprising Use for ORSC

A Conversation with Nicole Schaefer  

Nicole Schaefer talks about how she incorporates ORSC concepts and RSI in her approach to equine-assisted coaching.

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