Sala. Be deeply seen.

Join in Sala, virtual meetings evoking the literary and philosophical salons of old. We consider fascinations calling to us on an intuitive level and lift the mask to explore the essence of self and connection to others.

Are you ready to look more deeply into your shifting inner self, to see and be seen? Join us in this intimate virtual space for conversation and connection.

“I want you
to knock
gently on
own door
and stand there
as I do
to speak
to the one
who has come
out to meet you.”
from ‘Seeing You‘ by poet David Whyte


Once a month, unbutton yourself from time for a few hours, and relax into an introspective experience in the company of like-minded adventurers. You’ll explore your deeper self through conversation, guided exercises, ‘innerviews,’ and poetry readings.  In this safe, courageous space, you can lift the mask and let your intuition take the lead to gain clarity on your purpose and power.

Admittance to 2020 Series | $10



Fourth Friday of most months


Friday, August 28 • 3 pm PDT | 4 pm MDT | 6 pm EDT | 22:00 UTC 
Friday, September 25 • 3 pm PDT | 4 pm MDT | 6 pm EDT | 22:00 UTC 
Friday, November 27 • 3 pm PST | 4 pm MST | 6 pm EST | 23:00 UTC

What I enjoyed most about the experience was the element of being in a salon. It was a moving multi-layered experience filled with familiar approaches and new explorations … Time literally flew by.”

SALA Participant

IMAGE | Amir Geshani • Unsplash

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