Soul Sala

Resource your spirit as a leader of change.

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Reconnect to essence and purpose as a change leader through your own evolving change story, as you transform your world in a soul-stirring journey that will take you to Spain’s Costa Brava and your own wild and courageous edges.

The gift of seeing 

Imagine creating the space to focus on what inspires and revitalizes you. Illuminating conversations and contemplations that recalibrate your spirit and renew your energy. An adventure that takes you to the edges of your inner world and to the coast of Spain, as you expand your capacity to lead change, explore your own senses and fascinations, and develop a reflective practice that resources you.

Soul Sala is a nine-month journey toward your own potential. 


Listen to the fascinations calling to you at a soul level. 

We begin with just a few dedicated hours each month, unbuttoning ourselves from the outside world to relish the magical collective energy that is Soul Sala.

As nature comes to a standstill at the Northern Hemisphere’s winter solstice, we embark on a journey toward self-realization. In preparation for the full immersive, this group of brink leaders comes together in an expansive virtual space to reflect on what it means to lead change. In these first three months of the program, we note illumination and shadow, explore polarities and celebrate the changing inner light within each of us.

Soul Salas are a courageous and compassionate space where you can lift the mask and let your intuition take the lead.


Reflect on who you have been, who you are in the moment and who you are becoming as a change leader.
Unfold transformation in yourself and others.
Indulge in enlightening conversations, exercises and experiences designed to expand the way you see and are seen.
Soul Sala figure on shore dances with possibility reflected in surface of water

At the heart of Soul Sala is our soul-stirring immersive in Costa Brava, a place of peace and rugged beauty on the coastline of Spain.

Join us for inner and outer adventures on the spectacular Cap de Creus peninsula, as together we cross the threshold into possibility.

As you arrive in this stunning space on the Spanish coast, you pause for a moment to breathe in the sea air and observe the play of light on water. Laughter and a delectable meal await you inside. For the next few days, you will focus in on what your soul is telling you.


Welcome the spring equinox in a gorgeous Spanish villa, as we spend four nights and three days together in the Soul Sala immersive.
Wake in a relaxing atmosphere, and if it appeals, greet the day with an optional stillness and movement group practice.
Continue your inner journey in supported activities, as we meet as a group for morning and late afternoon Soul Salas.
Soul Sala Cadaques Sea
Savour delicious breakfast, lunch and snacks provided for you.
Alternate between free time to explore the surrounding culture and cuisine, and planned group meals and activities.
On the night of the spring equinox, we share a special meal and a salon to celebrate this point of balance between light and dark.


Spend three full days and four nights in a luxury villa on the edge of the Bay of Port Lligat.

The heart of the Soul Sala program takes place in the restorative setting of See Vistas. Complete with a pool bordered by olive trees, the villa is located on the edge of the Bay of Port Lligat on the spectacular Cap de Creus peninsula of Costa Brava, Spain. 


The immersion comes complete with an ‘innerview’ – a simple, lightly edited video which highlights your essence at the peak of the Soul Sala experience.

Innerviews offer an opportunity to see and be seen more expansively as a change leader, as well as a way to look back on this transformational Immersive.

A gorgeous setting for inner work

The Immersive Sala includes deep reflective practice, innerviews and metaphor work. On the evening of the equinox, we’ll share a meal and a special salon as we reflect on what it means to be here at nature’s point of balance.

Accommodation is shared, based on two people in each room. You’ll receive a welcoming dinner on the evening of your arrival, along with breakfast and lunch on the three days of the Immersion.

See the local sights

Choose your own adventure!

Each afternoon, you’ll have several hours at your disposal to do as you please. Take a customary siesta, enjoy the pool and house, or savour the nearby sights and sounds of Salvador Dali’s house, Port Lligat, Cadeques and the Caps de Creus National Park.

We return to virtual Salas, then pause to reflect on and integrate all that we have discovered before reconvening in a final illuminating Sala. Together, we will examine the golden threads and weave stories with our faces to the future. 

Soul Sala Overview

Soul Sala begins with monthly virtual Salas which lead to an immersive experience in Spain. At the spring equinox – a point of balance in the year – we’ll spend three days and four nights in a luxury villa in Costa Brava, Spain, connecting with the light within and without, and crossing the edge of our own transformation.

Reconvening monthly in virtual salas, we continue to develop our reflective practice, then pause to integrate before the final Illumination session.

Soul Sala takes the change leader on a transformative journey to develop your capacity to transform self, others and the world, to gain SuperVision — the capacity to see and be seen from an ever more expansive place, and develop a deeply reflective practice.


Dates & Details

December 2023 – September 2024 | Nine Month Program

Participant Limit | 10

Virtual Soul Sala 1Thursday December 21, 2023 (Solstice)
Virtual Soul Sala 2Thursday January 18, 2024
Virtual Soul Sala 3– Thursday February 15, 2024

In-Person Sala Costa Brava Immersive

March 18 – 22, 2024 (Equinox)
Our luxury villa in Spain is an expansive space filled with soft light and the fresh scent of sea air. Each and every room has a view and an ensuite. Most rooms have walk-out access to the outdoors.


Virtual Soul Sala 4 – Thursday April 18, 2024
Virtual Soul Sala 5 – Thursday May 16, 2024
Virtual Soul Sala 6 – Thursday June 20 2024 (Solstice)

8:00 am – 9:30 am Pacific | 9:00 am – 10:30 am Mountain | 11:00 am – 12:30 pm Eastern | 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm CEST/CET

INTEGRATION – July & August 2024

Virtual Soul Sala Illumination  – Thursday September 19, 2024

8:00 am – 11:00 am Pacific | 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Mountain | 11:00 am – 2:00 pm Eastern | 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm CEST/CET

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