Coaching SuperVision Programs

Renew your passion for coaching and recalibrate your practice in these reflective coaching supervision programs.  


Could your coaching use a shot of fresh energy? Whether you find yourself in a coaching rut or just want to take a fresh look at your practice, join a company of peers in the quest to improve our coaching abilities through reflective practice.  Established coaching authorities including the International Coach Federation (ICF) and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) agree that working with a coach supervisor is a fundamental element of continuing professional development (CPD).

Curious about the difference between coach mentoring and coach supervision? Learn more.

 Coaching SuperVision

Take time for reflective practice as you grow your capacity to observe and consciously direct your own coaching presence in the company of a coach supervisor and community of peers.
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SuperVision for Coaches

Develop your coaching capacity through deep, rich, holistic support. Reflect on challenging client cases and patterns that have emerged in your coaching, and refine your thought patterns, assumptions, biases and technique. If you’re a qualified coach ready to examine your work, do so with the support of experienced coach supervisors and in a peer community.

Become a Team Coaching Supervisor

Develop the capacity to bring SuperVision to team coaches in this inaugural coaching supervision training program designed for experienced team coaches.
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Team Coaching Supervisor Training

As a trained team coaching supervisor, you will pioneer for excellence in coaching, foster collaborative practice, and integrate standards and best practices from around the world. Join us in this developmental program designed to foster a professional team coaching supervisor skillset.

 Drop-In Coaching SuperVision

Why limit your options? Join this supportive peer group setting when it suits your schedule.
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Coaching SuperVision Flex Pass

If you love the idea of being part of a peer community of coaches seeking excellence in practice, yet crave flexibility, sign up for a flex pass providing the freedom to drop into six out of 10 group coaching supervision sessions.

Team Coaching SuperVision

This peer group program expands your coaching capacity in working with systems and teams. 
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SuperVision for Team Coaches

You’re a trained team coach with the skills you need to coach systems, and you want to expand your capacity for this challenging, rewarding work. Recognizing the complexity of this coaching, the ICF now recommends coach supervision for team coaches. Supervision for Team Coaches is designed to help you consider your patterns and assumptions in the company of two experienced systems coaches and a community of peers.

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Wikimedia | Muriel Finley aka Murrel Finely 1920s image by Alfred Cheney Johnston

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