Are you ORSCurious?

Join CRR Canada’s Kerry Woodcock in a free Zoom webinar to discover how Organization and Relationship Systems (ORSC™) training helps tap into the hidden potential of your team. 

ORSCurious | Free Zoom Webinar

You’ve been hearing about how ORSC helps leaders and those who support teams to navigate conflict, draw on the wisdom of the collective, and collaborate with ease and speed. Now, you want to learn more.

Connect with CRR Canada’s Kerry Woodcock in this free 45-minute introduction to systems coaching, CRR Global’s groundbreaking RSI principles, and the Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) training program offered through CRR Canada.

  • How does systems coaching support collaboration and connection in teams?
  • How does ORSC training progress the ICF credentialing journey?
  • Should you begin with Fundamentals of ORSC™ or ORS@Work™?

This is your opportunity to learn about how systems coaching supports collaboration and connection in any relationship. Learn why cutting-edge leaders, agilists, human resources and organizational development coaches and consultants rely on ORSC to develop resilient and innovative teams. Bring your questions!

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