Master the Art of Team Coaching

This three-month virtual package demystifies the process of team coaching, supporting you as you develop and collaborate with your own network of ORSC/RSI qualified coaches.

Trained team coaches are invited to join Kerry Woodcock and Sherry Matheson, two experienced team coaches, to Master the Art of Team Coaching. This three-month group program demystifies the process of coaching teams and systems, and supports you as you learn and grow alongside your own peer network of ORSC/RSI qualified coaches.

It’s a practical, step-by-step exploration of how to work with sponsors, the team or system, as well as other coaches and stakeholders.

This virtual, webinar-based course will take place on the Zoom platform.


I would recommend this group mentoring program for anybody who is new or seasoned in team/systems coaching. There is a lot to be learned from fellow coaches and their respective experience. The group mentoring is a great way to continue your growth as a team/systems coach.

Course Participant


  • Virtual Group Modules | 90 minutes x  6 sessions
    Module 1  – September 25th 2020
    Module 2 – October 9th 2020
    Module 3 – October 23rd 2020
    Module 4 – November 6th 2020
    Module 5 – November 20th 2020
    Module 6 – December 4th 2020
  • Integration Calls | 60 minutes x 5 sessions
    Integrate what you have learned from course work and practice by bringing your successes, challenges and questions to the group for support. 
  • Resource Package
    These templates can be used to support your work with teams
  • Private online group to interact with your peers
    The group will decide which platform to be used, LinkedIn or Facebook.

The moments where we all shared our experience were the most valuable and memorable. The group was a wealth of knowledge. It was great to have the opportunity to tap into that.

Course Participant


Module 1: Establishing Our Learning Community
Reflecting on your systems coaching journey so far
Discovering what you hope to gain from the program
Envisioning and designing how we co-create together

Module 2: Entering the Coaching Sponsorship System
Identifying the system to be coached
Uncovering red flags
Designing Sponsorship Alliances

Module 3: Entering the System to be Coached
Designing alliances between sponsors, team, coaches and other stakeholders
Conducting assessments

Module 4: Coaching the System
Determining coaching outcomes
Co-creating a coaching plan
Working with resistance to coaching

Module 5: Completing with a System
Reflecting on learning and application
Evaluating impact on behavior, effectiveness and performance
Determining what’s next

Module 6: Following up with a System
Reflecting on the journey
Celebrating the successes and challenges
Integrating the learning

Novalda’s Collaborators

Novalda’s principal, Kerry Woodcock, weaves together innovations from the world of change leadership, neuro-leadership and systemic team coaching to help leaders and their teams to develop collective leadership and change leadership capability.

Sherry Matheson of Empower the Truth Coaching specializes in conscious and collective leadership inspired by neuroscience. She works with executives, managers, and entrepreneurs who are ready to create innovative organizations through engaging their teams in collaborative projects and transforming individual effort into a single coherent collective work.

Sherry brought a lot of lightness and [was] humorous without sacrificing important content. Kerry was the ‘grounder’ of the experience.

Course Participant

I love the way both of you hold the space together and create that bubble with a group of people online that do not necessarily know each other!

Course Participant

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