What is Change Leadership?

Change leadership goes a step beyond change management, harnessing the collective intelligence of everyone involved.

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Is your change initiative stuck? Change leadership is a collaborative approach which encourages teams to buy into the why of change. 


Expand your understanding of how effective change works.

Some might say that there is no need to distinguish between change management and change leadership. However, many who train and consult in the field of change management have already realized the value of evolving the role of change leader.

Once, we saw change as a somewhat mechanical process to be designed and organized. Change management strategies involved planning, budgeting, measurement and solutions. Once set into motion, change was expected to work in a predictable way.

Use a shared approach to leadership to embrace evolution
Understand what works and why

About change leadership

In the era of management for production, this strategy worked. It was possible to make a change in one place and predict what would happen elsewhere – to control change using a recipe. Our world has become much more complex. Today’s organizations are fast-paced and in constant flux. The transformational, cultural changes we are trying to create have many moving parts and multiple stakeholders involved.

Change leaders work collaboratively, involving all of the stakeholders involved in creating change. To encourage evolving and innovative change, relationship is key. It is powerful relationships that create meaningful change.

To lead effective change, we must let go of control and embrace evolution. A starling murmuration is a vivid visual example of leading change, with the action of one bird triggering a ripple of motion through the rest. Although it can be difficult to pinpoint where the impulse begins, it echoes to create swirling and ever-evolving patterns of motion in flight.

Stakeholders need to have a voice and buy into the change. The issue is that people haven’t found what’s in it for them – the why of change.

Relationship is key

Rather than simply managing change, organizations are beginning to lead change as well. Think of it like raising a family. Each child is unique, and there is no perfect process. Just because you have brought up one in a certain way doesn’t mean the same strategies will work for another.

Once people are truly inspired, the change tends to flow. In fact, it’s contagious. Once you get a few core people who are truly inspired, they start to involve other team members so you don’t have to do it all yourself.

As agents of change, bringing more awareness to how we see and speak about change allows us to become more intentional and skilled in working with it.

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